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Interview with Stacy About Egg Freezing and How She Went from Skeptic to Decisive Diva

A few months ago I met a classy and sassy woman.   From the moment I met her, I knew she was an intelligent, charismatic, fabulous female. Within a few minutes I found out that she dove into the frozen world of egg freezing. Immediately I wanted to know what her reasons were then and how she feels now, having done it.

You will hear about her egg freezing process – from decisiveness to skepticism to going for it.

Now she is a major proponent of egg freezing and tries to share her story with those that want to hear it!

Enjoy our convo!

P.S. In this post, we shall call her Studious Stacy.



Let’s get right to it Ms. Studious Stacy – How did you find yourself in the world of fertility, talking about egg freezing with a doctor that you kinda knew but then again didn’t?

Studious Stacy: This was about two years ago, so it’s actually a little fuzzy now! But, oh yes, how could I forget? At that time, I had gotten out of a long-term...

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#10: What is Egg Freezing?

Can freezing your eggs change your life? Have you heard of someone freezing their eggs but think that it’s not for you?

Listen in as I read from my book, Easy Breezy Egg Freezy: A Guide to Deciding if Egg Freezing is Right For You. I’m reading Chapter 2, What the Heck is Egg Freezing?


Fertility Boss Podcast #10: What is Egg Freezing?


Today I'm reading from my ebook, Easy Breezy Egg Freezy: A Guide to Deciding if Egg Freezing is Right for You.

Specifically Chapter 2: What the heck is egg freezing?


History of Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is fancy term for cryopreservation, which is the cooling of cells and tissues to subzero temperatures in order to stop biological activity.  It allows for preservation.

Are you having flashbacks of Encino Man circle 1992?! 



We have long been freezing sperm and embryos successfully.

The first human birth from a frozen sperm was in 1953.  

And then in the 1970s techniques were...

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#9: What Affects Your Fertility?

What affects your fertility? How do you really know? Today I will discuss how what you do, think and eat affects your fertility. But we will also discuss something that is totally out of your control affects your fertility the most. 

Listen in as I share how you understand what some of the leading things are that affect your fertility and ways to help your body flourish. Be sure to like the podcast and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher or Soundcloud. 



The first MAJOR PLAYER in your fertility --- this is like the big boy stepping up to bat.  Like everyone steps back when this one goes swinging because you know it’s going to be big - --- its the major player.

And that is your age.  

#1 - Your Age

Did you know that age is the number one factor that affects your fertility?  Honestly, I didn’t know this until I was in my 30s. Which is a good time to find it out, but once I really understood it to be true, because...

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#8: 3 Ways to Know if You Resist Support


Does the thought of resisting support seem to make you think, "No way, I love when people help me." But then you take a pause and question this statement of yours!

If so, you're not alone.  Let's dive into ways to understand if you are resisting support in your life!

The first way to know if you are resisting support:

#1- You like to control things

We all do it. We think we can just figure it out or we can take action and do it ourselves.

Take for example you get back from the grocery store with lots of bags and your partner or roommates or a family member wants to help you but you say, no’ I got it.  Even though no you don’t have it. There are a lot of bags and a bunch of steps and you wish you wouldn’t have to take them all up there. 


  • Someone at work wants to brainstorm a solution with you but you think it will take longer to talk it through with them so you whip together a solution and emails yourself.
  • You judge someone’s...
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#7: Are You Giving Your Power Away?

Let’s get powerfully personal today!

Wonder Woman by DC Comics and brought to life by Warner Bros. Pictures


Who has watched the Wonder Woman movie?  You know the movie where she blissfully grows up as Princess Diana of Themyscira with her mom and aunt.  There on what seems to be Paradise Island, they train her to hone her powers of strength and wisdom.  Then when the time is right, she follows a pilot away from the island and into Man’s World, where her goal is to find and destroy evil and bring peace and harmony back to humankind.  

Wonder Woman is a beautiful representation of how although a fictional character, she did not give her power away. In fact, she holds on to it quite fiercely. 

When involved in the world of people in “Man’s World” Princess Diana continues to be herself and follow her intuition to fight off evil and help save the world.  

The real world wanted to hide and disguise her...

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#6: Own Your Biological Clock & Own Your Future



Today I get personal and talk all about my interview on the Savvy Business Show, episode #55. For my full interview on the Savvy Business Show, click here 

Why Should You Own Your Biological Clock?

Today I had the opportunity to be hosted on another podcast to talk about Fertility Boss. What a delight it was. Hanneke Antonelli hosts a weekly podcast called The Savvy Business Show.  Hanneke's goal is to help women transform into Savvy CEOs and business owners, which means working less and earning more.  

A lot of her clients are unsure about when to start a family and what types of resources are out there to help. Can you relate?

This excites me because I understand the dilemma.

That's why on her show I shared why I started Fertility Boss and why the mission of Fertility Boss is very personal for me. 

For a cliff notes version of what we talk about, listen to this week's Fertility Boss...

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Today’s episode is all about how to know when you are ready. 

This is applicable to many things in life. 

Let’s take cooking for example.  

Would you say you are a good cook? Do you thrive in the kitchen?  Or do images of The Muppet’s Swedish Chef come to mind?   

The Swedish Chef on The Muppets; Click for a fun video!

People seem to be naturally good at cooking. Some people just know how to throw together the right seasonings and spices and how to cook something and bam! It comes out of the oven and its cooked to perfection.

Other folks, such as myself, love baking. The directions are very specific. You need to be exact in measuring as it affects the baking process and if feels easier and right. 

I don’t know … what’s easier for you - cooking or baking?   

With cooking you have to have this sense of knowing when something is done. Yes, you can use a meat thermometer and cook...

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Mystical things are magical and mysterious.  They’re a little bit sci-fi, a little bit witchy and a little bit imaginary.  

They keep an element of surprise in the air and keep you thinking… what it? What if we can travel back in time? What if mermaids swim with aquaman in the sea? It’s a big blue ocean that has a lot of dark crevices!

Myths contain these magical creatures. And they have good reason to stay in our lives. They keep us engaged and serve a purpose!

  • They might be what keep us going through our work week. We look forward to shows like Charmed and Supernatural on The CW.  Anybody?
  • Watching your favorite myth-like nightly show can save you from going on another nasty-a$$ Tinder date.  
  • Your favorite mythical book might help us join a really fun book club where we basically find our new...
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This topic is very personal. I have been very upset and I would say fluffed … like my feathers were ruffled when I first started to hear about my personal fertility. People were talking about my fertility like it was something they understood.  

This is me, with my feathers ruffled: 

Long story short -- I might upset someone today but on word we go because this is an important topic that I want to make sure women in their 20s and early 30s understand.

Back to painting the picture

Presidents, secretaries, nurses, doctors, teachers; they all hide it.  What do they hide? They hide a smoking habit.

Why? Because they know it's not something you are “supposed to do.” Yes, they all know how bad it is for their health.  We all learned about it when we were younger. We all know that smoking can cause lung cancer and many more harmful things. When we were younger we saw ads about this.  When we grew older we continued to see...

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Today we are talking about 5 Reasons Your Life Looks Different Than You Thought.

Find it easier to listen? Check out the podcast here!

Or search itunes for "Fertility Boss" and it will pop up!

It’s a little confusing.  Your life is pretty great. It’s fun. It’s exciting and you are doing things you never dreamed of doing. You are responsible for budgets and teams that probably should be above your pay grade.  

Plus there are so many hot guys out there to date.  

So what’s the deal; why do you feel happy with life yet it doesn’t really look like what you thought it would look like at this age? 

At some point and I’m not exactly sure what point that is but you’ll know it when it happens.  You realize you are older than you thought but don’t feel like that number. And secondly, your life doesn’t look like you thought it would at that age.   

Can you relate?  Am I making sense? I hope...

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