Myths can be fun and entertaining yet some can hold you back.




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Mystical things are magical and mysterious.  They’re a little bit sci-fi, a little bit witchy and a little bit imaginary.  

They keep an element of surprise in the air and keep you thinking… what it? What if we can travel back in time? What if mermaids swim with aquaman in the sea? It’s a big blue ocean that has a lot of dark crevices!

Myths contain these magical creatures. And they have good reason to stay in our lives. They keep us engaged and serve a purpose!

  • They might be what keep us going through our work week. We look forward to shows like Charmed and Supernatural on The CW.  Anybody?
  • Watching your favorite myth-like nightly show can save you from going on another nasty-a$$ Tinder date.  
  • Your favorite mythical book might help us join a really fun book club where we basically find our new besties. 
  • Enjoying a mythical character can help you EASILY decide on a Halloween costume.  Let’s be real, Halloween costumes are hard to figure out.

Yet of course we know the truth about myths. 

The truth is that myths are not real. Fine, whatever. Small fact.

There may be a few myths in our mind that we think are true but in reality are not.

A myth might have been implanted there throughout childhood or another stage in our life and we didn’t realize it was a myth.

It’s okay; we don’t have to blame anyone or yourself or a group of people for this - these things happen! 

Yet recognizing that it is a mythical fantasy that is not based on truth is important.


Here are some common female myths that can get stuck in our subconscious.


Myth 1 - Because we are female we are a bad driver. False.

Have you seen the women race car drivers that are out there now?  

  • Milka Duno - former model turned race car driver; she didn’t even start race car driving until she was 24. Can you say natural?  Born to drive, baby!
  • Leilani Munter - a vegan, biologist, environmentalist that is also a top-notch race car driver.  If you visit her website it states “ never underestimate a vegan hippie chick with a race car.” OMG you know I love her.
  • Danica Patrick - she is the first female to win the Indycar series.



Myth 2 - Because we are female, we are able to become pregnant at any time.

Not sure if it is because birth control is kind of shoved down our throats. I assumed that I had to take birth control to quiet the baby machine that was inside of me every day of the week.  

No. Not true.

We have around a 12-36-hour window every month that is the perfect time to become pregnant.  At least one healthy and vigorous sperm must be waiting in the fallopian tube at the moment ovulation occurs and must be able to fertilize the egg within 12-24 hours of the egg being released from the ovary.  In case you’re wondering, those little guys, I’m talking about the sperm here, can last anywhere from 5 to 10 days just hanging out waiting. 

Did you know that there are ovulation tests where you can pee on a stick and it will tell you when you have that 12-24 window of go time?  This test is fun, in fact there is a test where it will smile at you when you hit the 36-hour window. If you ever find yourself buying one; getting the one that will smile at you of course!


3 - Because we are female, when we empower ourselves, this comes at the expense of men. 

Not True.

When we empower ourselves we give permission to anyone around us to empower themselves too.  

Giving ourselves permission to be confident, decisive and focused is contagious to those around us.  It also releases anyone that we might be depending on more than necessary to support us and help us.

There is a great article on ThriveGlobal a Huffington Post site, that is written by a man who shares his point of view regarding women empowering themselves and that in turn empowering men.  

Ultimately empowerment is not even a gender thing.  it's a basic human right. We all have the capability to empower ourselves and each other. Enough said.



4 - Because we are female, if we do not birth a child or raise a child we are not a whole and complete person.  

Our physical bodies gave us the option to become pregnant.  This is true.  

Yet there are an incredible number of circumstances that may lead to a woman not birthing a child in her lifetime.  Physical reasons or personal reasons and even dare I say personal preference.  It simply means that someone exercised their own personal right to make a decision.

If a woman has a child that doesn’t make her right.  It doesn’t make her wrong either. It is her personal decision.  

Someone that speaks on this topic a lot is Jennifer Anniston.    In Vogue article it also mentions that just because you birth a child doesn’t automatically make you a wonderful person.  Jennifer also talks about the scrutiny women receive being a woman. Her, For the Record, op-ed piece in the Huffington Post went viral.  One of my favorite lines, “we get to determine our happily ever after.”  Yes Jen, yes we do.  

BTW, the race car driver, Leilena Munter, talks about how she and her husband are consciously choosing not to have children. 


Let’s Recap!


Myths are magical wonderful stories that can keep us hooked, excited, engaged and coming back for more! Myths can help us relate to one another and bring people together. 

Then there are myths that somehow snuck into our minds that might be holding us back or have us hold onto something that is not true.  


Which Myth Resonates with You?

Myth 1 - Because we are female this means we are a bad driver.

Myth 2  - Because we are female we can get pregnant any time.

Myth 3 - Because we are female, when we empower ourselves, this comes at the expense of men.   

Myth 4 - Because we are female, if we do not birth a child or raise a child we are not a whole and complete person. 

 Are you holding onto one of these myths? 

Can you wave them goodbye like a bad mythical creature that will vanish in the dust?

What is your myth that you are letting go of AND what is your favorite mythical entertainment book or movie or show?

Do tell! Because let’s be real. Don’t we all live for the fantasies?!!

Drop me a line at [email protected] and let me know. 

Bye Beauties!!


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