Today’s episode is all about how to know when you are ready. 

This is applicable to many things in life. 

Let’s take cooking for example.  

Would you say you are a good cook? Do you thrive in the kitchen?  Or do images of The Muppet’s Swedish Chef come to mind?   

The Swedish Chef on The Muppets; Click for a fun video!

People seem to be naturally good at cooking. Some people just know how to throw together the right seasonings and spices and how to cook something and bam! It comes out of the oven and its cooked to perfection.

Other folks, such as myself, love baking. The directions are very specific. You need to be exact in measuring as it affects the baking process and if feels easier and right. 

I don’t know … what’s easier for you - cooking or baking?   

With cooking you have to have this sense of knowing when something is done. Yes, you can use a meat thermometer and cook to a specific temperature.  Yet you have to pull something out of the oven exactly when it is cooked.  You don’t want to burn it yet you can’t undercook it especially if its meat or pasta.   

There is a fine LINE! 

Then there are other things in our lives that take longer to figure out. 

  1. How do you know when a relationship is done?  
  2. How do you know when to move on from a job
  3. How do you know when to branch out and meet new friends

It’s tough -- it’s like you have to know when times up and you need to pull it out of the oven because it’s done! 


Which brings us to today’s question - how do you know if you are ready to learn about your fertility health?


Right now as a society we are waiting WAY too long to learn about our fertility health.  Meaning the food is burnt there is smoke coming out of the oven and the smoke alarm is going off. Then people say, maybe we should do something.   

You are a savvy smart ass women. I don’t want you to get to that place of panic and burnt smoke and a ringing fire alarm. 


Here are 3 Signs to tell if you are ready to learn about your fertility health:


First Sign - You’ve seen a friend or family members that are a little older than you, having a hard time getting pregnant.  


  • You’re like me and you were a driver for a friend after a procedure at a fertility center.
  • You’ve heard whispers that your cousin Carrie is trying to conceive and keeps having miscarriages.   
  • Your best friend had an epic wedding and a wonderful honeymoon and she keeps telling you she thinks she isn’t going to get her period and month after month it keeps coming.  And she is a little surprised by this. 


If any of these situations are happening or relatable it means that you’re in the age range where women are conceiving and/or trying to conceive and things are coming up. You know what I mean. Like little issues or little nuances. It’s not that major and you don’t think things are a big deal. But it’s apart of your conversations now. 


Second Sign - You are single or divorced and you are not quite sure if you want children, yet you want the option.

Emma Brockes wrote an opinion in the New York Times called “Single at 38? Have that baby”  Ohh… it’s a good one.  She is now a mother of twins.  I’ve spoken about single women being mothers of twins before on episode #4 - What is Your Female Myth?

Needless to say, Emma explains her rhyme and reason for having the baby on her own. Which I fully support.

I share all of this because if you want a child of your own and let’s say at least 30.  You are ready to learn about your fertility health. It’s time! I just heard the timer ring in the kitchen!! 



Third Sign - If you are reading this blog - you are ready.


You are curious.  You are wondering what we’re talking about.  I know, I know, you’re thinking “no, this isn’t applicable to me.” I get it.  I was in your shoes for 4 years. For 4 years my sister nudged me every year around my birthday to get my fertility health checked out.  For 4 years I thought she was crazy and didn’t take it seriously. But 4 years goes by in the blink of an eye. Before you know, you have the same mindset, yet it's four years later. How will you ever know if you am ready?

James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits (which is an amazing book and I’ve mentioned this book before) indicates the habits of successful people - Start before they are ready.  He writes a whole blog on this, which is visited by thousands of people each month. Check it out here.

 Even if you complete the first step in learning about your fertility health, which is learning about your individual fertility hormones, this is a great and important choice. You’re giving yourself data and information and empowering yourself.  


It’s a tough decision.  No one really can tell you when it’s ready.  Not even a timer on the oven or a recipe. But having lived through it I can tell you it’s something you have to make yourself do, even if you don’t think it’s the right time or if you think you’re too young. That’s what people said to me and thank god I didn’t listen.

Don’t wait until you’re burnt out or overdone to start to think - okay maybe I should learn about my own fertility health. NO! Don’t do it!!

It’s not a matter of should you, it's a matter of when are you.   

If any of the 3 signs ring true to you, then it's time.

Go with me on this fertility journey together.  Trust that it is your time.

Bye Beauties,


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