Let's Talk about How to Own Your Biological Clock and Your Future


#6: Own Your Biological Clock & Own Your Future



Today I get personal and talk all about my interview on the Savvy Business Show, episode #55. For my full interview on the Savvy Business Show, click here 

Why Should You Own Your Biological Clock?

Today I had the opportunity to be hosted on another podcast to talk about Fertility Boss. What a delight it was. Hanneke Antonelli hosts a weekly podcast called The Savvy Business Show.  Hanneke's goal is to help women transform into Savvy CEOs and business owners, which means working less and earning more.  

A lot of her clients are unsure about when to start a family and what types of resources are out there to help. Can you relate?

This excites me because I understand the dilemma.

That's why on her show I shared why I started Fertility Boss and why the mission of Fertility Boss is very personal for me. 

For a cliff notes version of what we talk about, listen to this week's Fertility Boss Podcast #6 and read more below.


My Personal Journey to Fertility Boss

Somehow at the age of 29 I found myself correcting a judge on how to say my name (she asked!).  Yet there I sat, staring down a judge, at divorce court.  This was bitter sweet; horrible in the moment and not too enjoyable for years to come.  Yet divorce was the right thing to do for both of us.  

Fast forward a year later, my sister, who is a fertility nurse, sat me down at 30 years old. She mentioned that I should think about freezing my eggs if I want the option to have a child one day.  


Egg freezing is never a guarantee, like most things in life. Yet it gives you a better chance at having a chid later in life.


As she lovingly shared her thoughts, I immaturely laughed and indicated I did not need to consider this. 

Yet four years later, I found myself correcting the fertility center on how they say my name.  It's a thing and it's pronounced Ray-dell.  

In any case, its quite a long process to go from “no way, I don’t need to freeze my eggs” to “yes, I’m freezing my eggs.” 


Egg freezing was not an easy decision for me

As I share in my interview on the Savvy Business Show #55, making the commitment to freeze my eggs was a hard and lonely process.



A way to express my confusion and isolation during the egg freezing process was through a personal blog.  During this time I was able to keep the egg freezing process a little lighter by writing about it and even found connection with other women along the way. My love of writing and blogging began!


What does it take to freeze your eggs?

Then Hanneke got right to it. She asked direct and specific questions about egg freezing.

On her show we dove into:

  • First, how did Hanneke and I meet? Hint - it involves trains in NYC
  • Why women are not informed about their fertility health
  • If someone is in their 30s, what should a woman know?  
    • Oohhh this is a good one!
  • You have the power to ask for more information from your doctor
  • Egg Freezing 101 - 
    • What is the process of egg freezing?
    • What should you look for in a clinic?
    • Where are your eggs after egg freezing?
    • How long does egg freezing take?
    • Where can you find out more & grab more free resources - www.eggfreezingbook.com 

There are four major items to process when making the egg freezing decision. I talk a lot about this in my book Easy Breezy Egg Freezy: A Guide to Deciding if Egg Freezing is Right for you.


That's the overall goal of our interview. To ensure you know what information exists out there to live your best, most fulfilled life.


To hear the full interview, on how I went from freezing my eggs to launching Fertility Boss here.  Plus, please share the episode with another friend you know would enjoy it.


If you would like the cliff notes version of our interview, listen to today's Fertility Boss Podcast #6 here.


But wait.... one more second!

Before you go, make sure you are signed up for my free masterclass on Owning Your Biological Clock: Owning Your Future. 

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Did you want your free resources on egg freezing?  

Be sure to grab them at Easy Breezy Egg Freezy: A Guide to Deciding if Egg Freezing is Right for You, where you receive:


  • Four weeks of a free audio coaching program
  • 1 free chapter of Easy Breezy Egg Freezy: A Guide to Deciding if Egg Freezing is Right for You
  • A journal to help you process the egg freezing decision


As always, thanks for reading and shoot me a note on other topics you want to hear about - [email protected]  

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