It's Easier Than You Think to Give Away Your Power; Let's Get it Back


#7: Are You Giving Your Power Away?

Let’s get powerfully personal today!

Wonder Woman by DC Comics and brought to life by Warner Bros. Pictures


Who has watched the Wonder Woman movie?  You know the movie where she blissfully grows up as Princess Diana of Themyscira with her mom and aunt.  There on what seems to be Paradise Island, they train her to hone her powers of strength and wisdom.  Then when the time is right, she follows a pilot away from the island and into Man’s World, where her goal is to find and destroy evil and bring peace and harmony back to humankind.  

Wonder Woman is a beautiful representation of how although a fictional character, she did not give her power away. In fact, she holds on to it quite fiercely. 

When involved in the world of people in “Man’s World” Princess Diana continues to be herself and follow her intuition to fight off evil and help save the world.  

The real world wanted to hide and disguise her yet she prevailed.  Man’s World also tried to talk her out of doing things that seemed impossible.


Do you relate to this?  


We don’t have to be Wonder Woman and we don’t have to save the world.

Yet, I do believe that each of us has special powers “gifts” that the universe wants us to share.

Do you notice that growing up you might have been your unique self and now feel that life has adjusted you a bit.

Shall we say you’ve adjusted yourself to accommodate life. 

Maybe, just maybe ….you’ve moved away from your uniqueness and quirkiness and you, my dear, might be giving your power away.  

  • Are you trying to get your instagram feed to match someone else’? 
  • Are you trying to look like the people you work with? 
  • Are you trying to agree with your boss and your bosses boss even though you really think their style of leadership sucks?


How to know if you’re giving your power away?

I’m going to share a small, life example. 

Let's take craigslist. I posted a household mirror on craigslist to sell and someone asked what my lowest offer would be.  I thought about it awhile. Took into account that the mirror had a few minor chips in it and thought about what I originally paid for it.  After thinking about what seemed fair I offered $45.00. They came back and said what if I paid you $35.00 and picked it up tomorrow. Wait, what just happened?  I went back and explained that they had asked me to offer the lowest price therefore I took the time to think about this and offered it. That's it; $45.00.  Needless to say they came the next day and paid my $45.00 and took the mirror happily away.  

Boundaries.  People without good boundaries don’t respect your boundaries.  That’s nothing to say about you or them, it’s just where they are in the process and where you are.

Did you have solid boundaries and then someone close to you seemed offended which in turn you changed to make them feel more comfortable?


Now for some ways to ensure you do not give your power away:

1 - Each day we have a specific amount of not only time but energy. Don’t waste it on petty stuff.

  • Don’t waste it on complaining. 
  • Don’t waste it on gossiping about other people. 
  • Both of these items seem to be us deflecting how powerful we really are by burying our sand in others people’s shit…


2 - Know your values.

  • When your values are not clear, you’ll let people and life steamroll you a bit.
  • Understand what your priorities are for a powerful life. For example, list out what you hold dearest to your heart and what you want most out of life. Is it any of these things? 
    • Friends
    • Family
    • Intimate relationship
    • Starting a non-profit
    • Creating your art & sharing it with your community
    • Advancing in your career
    • Building a house
    • Writing a book
    • Starting a _____
    • Going to church weekly
    • Wearing killer outfits, daily
    • And on and on and on

3 - Don't alway look for outside help to make life decisions. 

You were born into this world with a strong intuition and sense of knowing.  It's time to go back to trusting those skills and focus on what you want in your life. 

When focusing on asking other people about their thoughts and preferences regarding your life choices, that intuition and knowing can get drowned out. 

Sometimes its best to journal, meditate and go for a quiet walk, sans phone, to tune into your wise inner voice.


4 - Try not to be a people pleaser.

Oh hail Mary this is one of the hardest ones for me. Being born and raised by the sweetest of sweets in a small town in Pennsylvania, my mother looked for the good in people and we tried to help as much as we can. 

Now living in the Washington, DC, area for over 15 years I realize that people have their own agendas.  That’s neither good nor bad; it just is.  Therefore being a people pleaser doesn't always work out for the best.

It's not to say people do not mean well. The goal here is to be nice and kind and show love and support yet other people's lives are just that - other people's lives. They are not yours for the pleasing!


Take back your power and honor your inner Wonder Woman. 


This is your life.  

You were born for greatness.  When society tries to stuff your uniqueness away, embrace it.

Embrace your greatness. Embrace your quirks. Embrace how smart you are. 

Don’t let that power get away from you.

Meditate to focus on keeping it. 

This world needs all the light it can get right now.  Shine yours brightly. 

You do you, boo. You do you.




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