How do you go from being an egg freezing skeptic to a decisive diva?


Interview with Stacy About Egg Freezing and How She Went from Skeptic to Decisive Diva

A few months ago I met a classy and sassy woman.   From the moment I met her, I knew she was an intelligent, charismatic, fabulous female. Within a few minutes I found out that she dove into the frozen world of egg freezing. Immediately I wanted to know what her reasons were then and how she feels now, having done it.

You will hear about her egg freezing process – from decisiveness to skepticism to going for it.

Now she is a major proponent of egg freezing and tries to share her story with those that want to hear it!

Enjoy our convo!

P.S. In this post, we shall call her Studious Stacy.



Let’s get right to it Ms. Studious Stacy – How did you find yourself in the world of fertility, talking about egg freezing with a doctor that you kinda knew but then again didn’t?

Studious Stacy: This was about two years ago, so it’s actually a little fuzzy now! But, oh yes, how could I forget? At that time, I had gotten out of a long-term relationship. There I was, heartbroken and processing this impactful moment in my life when someone was telling me about egg freezing. Don’t even recall who that was, but it stuck with me. A few weeks later, I found myself dialing one of the most recognized fertility centers in the DC area and scheduled an appointment.   Although I made an appointment with that center once, I never went.

R: You Never went?!

SS: Yup! I don’t know specifically what it was, but I didn’t have a positive feeling from my conversation with the center. I dug around a little more and remembered a small practice, a bit of a drive to get to, but I recalled knowing the doctor. Only a few days after the big fertility center appointment; hesitantly, I called up the smaller practice. They were super nice, comforting and scheduled an appointment with me right away.

R: I love how fast you were to make decisions and get right to it. What happened at your appointment with your doctor? By the way, were you talking to anyone about these appointments?

SS: As soon as I chatted with the doc at the smaller practice, I knew I would do it. He talked me through the procedure, indicated it would take anywhere from 10 to 15 days. I paid my co-pay, walked out the door and immediately felt that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Then, I called my mom. She was so happy that she almost cried.   My mom secretly wanted me to do it, she said, but didn’t know how to bring it up.

R: That’s really great that your mom was supportive! Did you confide in anyone else?

SS: Yes. As I started the process and began with the shots, I decided to tell my boss and senior team at work. A few of the check-in appointments would be interfering with my work schedule. Since the location I decided on was about a 30-minute drive, one-way, I found myself arriving at work around mid-morning. Therefore I thought it best to tell them.

Also, I told a few close friends, especially two of my closest friends that I was traveling with on a girls trip to Cancun.

R: Shots in Cancun, and they were not made of tequila!! What did you think about the process of getting to the day of retrieval?

SS: Well, honestly I was a little surprised by daily doctor appointments. Overall I recognize this is the process and an important one, but I didn’t realize it at the time. Also, I did get uncomfortable with bloating and felt like I was gaining weight.

R: How about the shots?

SS: Actually, the first few days of my shots I was in Mexico! I had to figure out how to get them through airport security and of course store them in a fridge in our hotel room. It wasn’t exactly what I was going for when I thought about my Mexican getaway, but sometimes timing isn’t ideal and you do it anyway!

I started bruising a bit from the shots. Again, not ideal and it caught me by surprise. However I considered the bruises a badge of honor.

Then, there was a low-point during the process.

R: A low-point? What do you mean?

SS: Well, it probably was a day or two before the egg retrieval. I was feeling physically uncomfortable and had a date scheduled that evening. I didn’t really want to go yet figured I would go because, “you never know.” There I was, on a date with someone that I knew I had no interest in and bored. After one drink I politely and disappointingly, bowed out. Immediately after arriving at home, the feelings started to creep in to feel sorry for myself and then I began analyzing the state of my life. Realizing it was time to give myself shots and instead took to eating a cupcake. Eating a cupcake and giving myself fertility shots in my kitchen, I started shedding some tears.

Looking back at it now, I chuckle! But in the moment, let’s just say it wasn’t a high point for me. It wasn’t what I envisioned for myself at 35 years old. And in that moment I had to accept it and keep moving on.

R: That is definitely understandable. I am glad you are able to laugh about it now! I know we’ve all had moments like that.

Okay, here we are, two year later and you’ve frozen your eggs. What are your thoughts now?

SS: Currently I think people are not considering egg freezing, because of the financial commitment. After looking at this as an investment in myself as well as having the ability to help others with my eggs (if needed), I feel very confident with my decision.

There are days when I forget it isn’t normal to talk about it. Then there are other days when I feel judgment from others. Judgment around the money spent on the procedure, shots and storing fees.

Ultimately, I hope this goes away and egg freezing becomes a normalized and acceptable option for any woman.

R: Studious Stacy, I must say, it was a pleasure and delight talking with you! I hope to chat with you more!


Well ladies, that’s it for now.

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Hugs and buttercups,




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