When you look in the mirror every day, make sure it counts.



Are you as obsessed about lip gloss as I am? 

It makes any day better.  

However that's not exactly what we're talking about today; it's not quite the #1 secret to embracing your life.  

But it has something to do with it. 


#1 Secret to Embracing Your Life

Alright, I am letting you in on the #1 secret to embracing your life.

And that is… that you become a proud ass mama of your own self. That you, love yourself like a mother loves her own child.  

What am I talking about?  


Over the Next Seven Days


Every time that you are looking in a mirror, definitely when you are getting ready in the morning, I want you to look into the mirror and look right into your eyes and say,

“I, and then your first name, am incredibly proud of myself and love myself dearly.”  


For example, when I go to the bathroom mirror (before I put on my lip gloss), I will take a large inhale and exhale and then you say, “I, Radell Peischler, am incredibly proud of myself and love myself dearly.” And I am saying that and gazing into my eyes and smile.

Honor thyself.


Do this throughout the Day 


  1. Every time you look at a mirror.
    • In the morning
    • At work
    • At your friend's house
    • While out shopping and you catch a glimpse of your reflection :)
  2. Say - “I, first name, am incredibly proud of myself and love myself dearly.”  
  3. Do this for 7 days in a row. 
  4. Print out this worksheet and keep it at your mirror. 


BTW - You don’t have to say it out-loud.  Feel free to keep this to yourself and say your love quote using your inside voice!


Why is this the #1 Secret to Embracing Your Life


Being so dang in love with yourself and proud makes you fall in love with not just yourself, but your life.  Remember this is between you and self, girl. You don't need to share this shit with anyone else.  Keep it your little love secret. 


That’s it.


I made an audio recording to help remind you each day.  Listen to it daily!


Download the worksheet, and get started!


Because, why not.  Embrace your life girl. It's the only one you have!! 


And stay tuned ...... Next week I can’t wait to share about the best way to get unstuck.


Enjoy a wonderful week. Bye for now.



P.S. Download the sheet now, listen to the audio, and remember to say the quote for the next 7 days. That's it!


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