When you think about inspiration, who or what comes to mind?



What Inspires You? 

Or maybe the question is . . .


Who inspires you?

  • When you think of someone who inspires you, is it usually someone that seems to be rocking life and doing things you want for yourself?
  • Or is it someone that seems to have their fitness and health on point?
  • Or is it that woman that ALWAYS looks so put together you can’t figure out how she does it.  


No?  Okay is it...

  • Art
  • Music
  • Flowers
  • Walking in nature
  • Or the sound of the ocean like we talked about last week
    (aka dipping those feet in that sand, gurl)   

What or who is it?


As humans it is natural for us to be inspired by other human beings and other things.  We’re kind of wired that way. It’s magical when we find someone that holds our attention and inspires us to make a change for the betterment of ourselves.  That’s one of the beautiful things about life; our continuous desire to learn, grow and change. It really never ends.


So while you think about your inspiration, I would like to steal a brief moment to share an inspiration of mine.  Okay, great, thanks :)



I stumbled onto this woman YEARS ago and since then I’ve met and talked to her in person! True story.

This is basically how it went down… a few years ago I bought a single ticket to a Hay House event called the You Can Do It conference in Washington, DC.  After continuing to doubt my decision to spend money on a ticket and go BY MYSELF, I anxiously showed up - way late and without a seat. As I walked around the event and wanting to sit up front, I prayed for one open seat.


With that I saw someone’s hand waving and I’m thinking, is that guy waving at me? Yes! He waved me over where his group of friends had one seat available. Obviously walking around sheepishly awkward worked. They were the friendliest group of people at the event.  Long story short I nailed a great seat to see one of my favorite authors.

After her talk I was hanging out at the book table in the back and I SPOTTED HER! I fangirled hard and couldn’t believe she was right there. After trying to be AS CASUAL AS POSSIBLE I strolled and maybe stumbled over to her. While my mind screamed, “Wow, you are really going to talk with her,” I tried to be incredibly normal and ask questions.  To this day I have no idea what I said to her.  What she said to me was funny and so basic too.


She told me how she needs to remember to brush her teeth when she goes outside because when people start to recognize you, you can’t really run away.  And if you forgot to brush your teeth that morning its super embarrassing. She is silly.

Who is this mysterious person?




One of my pictures I took from the Hay House event.

Gosh, I thought, she really is a normal person.  What was it that caused her to seem so different and inspiring to me?  Why her and why was I drawn in to what she had to say?


Initially what brought me into her world is the first book I read of hers, Crazy Sexy Diet.

Now, the title makes it seem like we’re going on a diet which isn’t really true. It’s an impactful story about her crazy cancer diagnosis while leaving a dream life in her early 30s in New York City.  This book dives into the standard American diet and how it can be depleting us of important nutrients and creating major imbalances in the body. Maybe most importantly it contains recipes and introduced me to green juicing. 


Eight years ago, after I binged read the Crazy Sexy Diet book by laying on a rug in my condo all weekend I made a life changing revolution.  I stopped eating meat (which I never really enjoyed anyways) and starting drinking green juice and of course yoga was put into the mix. Typical white girl lol.

Two side notes here:


  1. Kris has many wonderful resources to create a healthy, well-balanced life.  I highly recommend you check out her meditations, recipes and more here.
  2. As I always want to be honest, the inspirational reading weekend contained many self-doubt moments.  The weekend spent binge reading I judged myself for staying in, instead of going out and being social with friends. Wasn’t I supposed to be out looking for Prince Charming and being social? Ahhhh self-doubt and self-pressures; always chattering in the mind. That's why I work to improve my mindset and share a worksheet on how to improve your mindset.


From self-doubt to following inspiration, I walked away with major clarity. I learned 5 major things on why it's important to follow your inspiration:  


#5 -- Stop doubting those moments when someone inspires you and you just want to binge watch/read/consume their information.  


Don't question your inner genius. If you want to buy the book but in your analytical mind you don't really know why. It's okay. Buy the book and put your phone on airplane mode.  It might just lead you to a whole new path of personal growth and self-exploration.


#4 --The most magical things happen when you show up on your own.


I SWEAR that the universe loves when you go to events on your own.  The universe gets to play and have fun and create magic for you.  Running around and making you bump into people you've never talked to and aligning you with new information and insights that you are able to consume without other people chatting your ear off. The universe is incredibly pleased when you show up and be vulnerable (as long as you are not putting your safety in risk - come on people!).


#3 -- When a random stranger waves at you at an event; take the seat!


Yes.  Sometimes people just are really cool. And they might become life-time friends or acquaintances.  I still talk with some folks from that event! 


#2 -- Follow your heart.


Feel into your heart space and listen to what it is trying to tell you and who it is trying to connect you with. It always has something to say and most times our brains get in the way.


And the #1 thing that I learned from all of this was --


#1 -- It’s okay and actually really fun to be inspired by someone.  

A Harvard Business Review article on "Why Inspiration Matters"  says inspiration is a, "surprising interaction between your current knowledge and the information you receive from the world."  It also states that inspiration, although it can not be forced, is needed to move the world and our leaders forward.  

Gone are the days of being driven and pushed to do something. Now more than ever we long to be inspired and pulled to change, evolve and grow.


So that's it!  Unfortunately it's not International Inspiration Day, because that would be cool.  It's just that I hope you currently are binging on someone or something that inspires you.


We would LOVE to hear what it is that is keeping you inspired now more than ever.  Email info @ Fertilityboss . com or visit the Fertility Boss community page and let us know!


Here's to soaking it all in, XO!


If you are like me and love working on your mindset, grab your copy of my worksheet on how to go from inner critic to inner champion -  change your mindset today!


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