Using moon cycles and manifestation to create your fabulous future




Would you say you are a spiritual seeker? 

Do you believe in “The Secret” and manifesting the life of your dreams? 

Or have you ever heard of conscious conception before?

Whether you are new to all of these subjects or you’ve already tried manifestation and are interested in going deeper into the topic, this conversation is for you!




We are some lucky ducks today.  Why? Because we get the opportunity to connect with Autumn Seibel, Founder of Golden Otter Divinations, an online community dedicated to educating women and helping them learn, connect and create the life of their dreams through manifestation and mediumship.


We begin today's conversation, with Autumn taking us back to her rural Alaskan roots. It was there that she began her childhood surrounded by spiritual conversation and connection.  While shadowing her mom in medical settings, she talked with seniors about their life as well as other spirits that they talked with who had previously transitioned and passed away.  None of this seemed abnormal to Autumn, since she was a child experiencing this in her young state. 

Then during her teenage years, Autumn’s older brother suddenly passed away and she soon found herself overwhelmed with many emotions as well as tremendous heartache.  Unable to find comfort and peace through outlets such as school and social settings, Autumn found peace being with him in her dreams.  She started connecting with him on another level and realized she was able to get the healing she needed by connecting directly to him in her dreams.   It was then that she realized her childhood conversations with others about spiritual beings kept her open to understanding that although souls may not be here physically on the planet, they may still be connected with us in many ways.  

Hear her story in her own words.  

Her story is important, just as all of our stories are.  Why is this important when we are trying to talk about manifestation?

Because it was through this life process that Autumn discovered her intuition and mediumship abilities  and stopped judging it and start trusting it!




Mediumship is tapping into a different plane of consciousness where we can connect with our loved ones in spirit.  


When we talk about spirits, this can be before the birth process or after people pass away.   

But what does this all mean?

This means that you too can connect to your mediumship. 

Just as Autumn sees and feels peace and powerful healing through other realms, such as spiritual dreams, she helps people talk about this and bring more awareness to this in their lives. 


In return, many others find peace connecting with their intuition and their loved ones through spirit.


Which leads us to talking to our children before we even conceive them. 

Stay with me here!




Do you find it hard to believe that you can connect with a soul before you give birth to them?  

I know, I know, it might sound unbelievable, but let’s stay open for a second and believe that it might be true. 

The definition of conscious conception is that you are inviting a child to come into your life.  You stay open to connecting with this child before they come into your womb; before you conceive.  You connect with them by staying open and ready to welcome them into your physical being and your life. 

Therefore for anyone wanting to have a baby and finding it hard to make it happen, stay open to the idea of conscious conception. 

Here what Autumn has to say about it.... (we start this conversation around 12:29 into the video)




Which brings us to manifestation. 

Manifesting is bringing what you want into your life, into the physical realm.  Do you believe in it?  There are so many incredible conversations happening around this now, including quantum physics, where focused energy actually causes atoms to change and move without physical touch.  Fascinating... but I digress!

Manifestation is open to anyone that wants to believe in it.  I have SO many manifesting stories that I can share another day! Therefore I really believe in it and hope you do too. 

Autumn helps women use this tool in their life to actualize a life they love.  And you can also use the cycles of the moon to help.

Around 23:00 into our conversation, we dive into moon cycles and manifestation.





Let's talk about using the cycles of the moon to help your manifestations come into your life. 

We focus primarily on the new moon cycle as well as a full moon cycle.  When these moon cycles are about to happen, you will want to work on an intention planting and harvesting ceremony.  

For an Intention planting ceremony, you are setting your intention during a new moon cycle.  If you are working on something that is a larger change - bringing a baby into the world, switching into a new job, physically moving somewhere else, this might take around 6 months to a year.  During a new moon, Autumn wants you to manifest something deep and big!   Focus on these big things!

Then during a full moon, you harvest your manifestation.  Here you will be thinking about what you are happy to let go of in your life. What has blessed you and now you are ready to release (think the Marie Kondo Method here).  And don't forget about what you wish to keep bringing into your life.  Focus on that too!



Overall there are many many many great forces of nature here in this world to help you on your life's journey. Between mother nature and the spiritual realm, many forces are trying to help us on are path on Earth. 

Ultimately its up to you to tap into this network of help and remember - you have your intuition to help you too.

Trust that Gut of Yours  - You are the authority of you!

Remember, the world needs you to own your fertility and own your life girl.  We need you to be the best Fertility Boss you can be!

Be sure to listen to our full conversation here and check out the references below.


Websites and Books we Reference!


I’ve read this one and it’s kind of mind-blowing; I need to read it again! 



Now go Dream Big, Beauties.  Dream Big.

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