You are worth it; it's your life


Have you heard this before?


  1. That your life is worth it and you should do what you want and make it all that it can be.  
  2. But then you find yourself spinning in circles and not doing anything. (This is definitely me!)
  3. Or maybe you've already let your New Year's Resolution slide and figured that it's okay, you didn't really want it anyways. 


Well if any of this resonates with you, you are in luck!


Self Talk Love Interview

Today I had the chance to talk to a wonderful woman, Maryse Cardin. She is a professor, a coach and an author of the book, Self Talk Love.

In this conversation you will hear:


  1. How to take a moment and listen to your inner voice
  2. What happens when we start to try something new 
  3. Why writing with your opposite hand is helpful
  4. Most Importantly - What are the benefits of positive self talk?



You can change the way you think each day and how you speak to yourself.

Lucky for you there is a worksheet to give you the tools to get started.  

Grab your worksheet now and a quiet corner for 15 minutes - Go!


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Things we mentioned in this interview:

Maryse Cardin's Website

Self Talk Love book

Free Self Talk Love Writing Tools





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