Don't let the summer months slip by without focusing on these 3 things




Let’s face it, the summer months go by faster than any other months.  I know, I know, it’s not really true but I believe it to be :)


Therefore when things seem to speed up, you can slow them down by preparing and planning.  We need to be ready to get the best things out of life, right?!


We only get to go through the summer of 2019 once, let’s do this thing right!


#1 - READ - Soak Up a Great Book


Did you hear that Elizabeth Gilbert just came out with her new book - City of Girls?  I ordered my copy because it sounds like a sultry, seductive must read.


It’s based in the 1940s where a young Vivian Morris steps into New York City and gets way more than she ever imagined.  It involves showgirls, showstopping clothing creations, and a life that she could only imagine. But in order to live her new life she needs to step out of the ordinary and have courage and faith to create a world she truly loves.  I've heard there is hot, sexy moments in there too.... yum!


It sounds like a page turner; who is with me on this one?


While we’re on EG (Elizabeth Gilbert) for a moment, let’s talk about EG as an author.  She is hands down one of my favorites. One of her books, that is old school now, but rocked my world is Eat Pray Love.


In this book EG writes about her life, how she divorces her husband, travels the world and soaks up the worldly experiences of Italy, India and Indonesia.  One of my biggest takeaways about the way Elizabeth writes was that she gives you permission to do something that you didn’t think you would ever do.  


She basically splits both your heart and your head WIDE OPEN.

This book should come with a warning label - After reading the book I myself got a divorce and found a favorite ashram (spoiler alert EG visits an ashram in India) that I’ve been back to 3 times now. All of that to say, this book can cause life changing things to happen. Okay, consider yourself warned!


Her second book that I could not put down is Big Magic.  It's all about creativity and how she views the creative process.  One of the biggest things that she believes in is the creative energy and that ideas choose you and stay with you until you put them into action.  If you are a creative person its a must read!



Clearly I recommend Elizabeth Gilbert, but there are plenty of authors out there to color your summer.  


Whatever author you choose, be sure you are pulled into the book and its pure delight!


Don’t forget that checking books out from your public library has never been as cool as it is now.  Your public library could be holding the keys to something life changing and magical.


Go find a book that you want to devour this summer!  


#2 RESEARCH - Pursue a project that you’ve always been curious about, big or small


Set aside a night next week to take an hour or two to conduct research on a subject that strikes your passion.  What’s been on your brain or in the back of your mind that you think about, often. Even if your topic seems like a silly or unimportant, like how to draw Garfield (sorry mine just slipped out!) it's important you explore it.


Just learn more about your subject!


You don’t have to DO anything about it, but I want you to get into the subject more and give yourself the time to explore it.


For me, one summer I took time to awkardly learn how to sew. What I learned was that I actually really did NOT enjoy sewing. But I found my love of fabric! It was an insightful process and one I am glad I pursued.  What’s yours?


#3 RELAX - Put your feet in the sand


Last but certainly not least - Look at your calendar this summer and pencil in when your toes are going in the sand!!


Visualize yourself where that cutie pie pineapple is and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.


We’re going preferably for sand at a beach but you can find sand at lakes and other places where you will find peace and tranquility.   The goal here is to connect and sink into the great outdoors.


Make sure you marked the date in your calendar already because let’s be real, the summer months go faster than any other month (please see all the way above) and your relaxation and connecting with nature is one of the most important things in life.


The sound of nature, like waves crashing on the beach, or the feeling of your toes sinking into the sand are reminders to you that you are connected to earth and the world.


We are all beings that breathe the air here and connect to the land.


This means that the summer months are times to reconnect with our senses, our creativity and earth’s natural delights.


By spending time in nature, you are automatically resetting your physical body to its natural rhythms and ease.


Go out there and get into it - sand, books, and a project.  Not all at once of course. But do dive in!


What’s at least 1 book, project or sandy area you are going to “dive” into this summer?  Leave a comment below and let’s inspire one another!


Now go!




Just remember - Whatever you choose to read, research or relax at this summer, make sure it sizzles with delight!


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