Do you ever feel like you are a person that never gives up, but things still don't change? 


You know----

  1. That project you want to finish but don't know how to start it.
  2. Trying to increase your savings but there is never enough cash money.
  3. The pain you feel in your body doesn't go away.
  4. That past event you feel guilty about. 
  5. And we could keep going here but we will not. 


Things seem to be on repeat and you think Groundhog Day, the movie, should have been starring you. 



But here's the deal. 

If we slow down and start to write things out and attempt to process them, things can shift. 


The secret to getting unstuck is when we realize that we're giving our time, our energy and our power away.


When we realize this, life is going to shift.  


And can shift in a BIG WAY.


What to do now? 


  1. Set a timer for 10 minutes each day.
  2. Answer the following questions (doesn't have to be all in one day)
  3. Download the worksheet as an easy assist.


Answer these 3 questions:


1 -What is it that makes you feel stuck?

2 -Why do you think you feel stuck?

3 -How would it feel to be unstuck?


What would you like your life to look like, so that you do not feel stuck?


Download the worksheet and get started now!


Not Sure Where to Start?


Some examples of what you can write about:

  • Write about what your bank account looks like if you were unstuck.
  • What would your clothing look like if you were unstuck?
  • What would your relationships look like if you had more time to work on them?
  • What would travel plans look like each year if you could go anywhere?
  • What is something you want to try and have been afraid to do?


If we try to be gentle with ourselves and take the time to do this for ourselves, life will start to shift.


Our thinking starts to shift.


Next thing we know, we realize we might take one babystep forward into a different direction.


And start to feel unstuck..... 


Check out the audio and listen each morning if you want to inspire you to keep writing. 


Click on the link above and download the file to the location on your computer that you desire.





No really, this will help.  Download the worksheet and the audio and go! Just 10 minutes; you got this.  I believe in you.  

You are a creative, smart, beautiful human that this world needs. Now go grab your worksheet and get to it!


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