Since it's Valentine's day and you're not meant to hold back from expressing your love, affection, and good secrets (right?!), I wanted to share something.  
The secret is.....drum roll please......there is someone thinking about your lady parts more than you do.  
Yes. This. Is. True.
What am I talking about?  
Well, there is a company where many boardroom discussions and research projects and meetings upon meetings are held to figure out how to help your lady parts be the best they can be.
Give me a V!  No, not for Valentine's Day.... for Vagisil!


Vagisil has a queen bee leading the charge, CEO Keech Combe Shetty.  

Defer to my blog about Vagisil's cool beginnings (i.e. the CEO's grandmother started Vagisil - totally a pioneer and bossbabe).

As the CEO of Vagisil, Keech's goal is to equip and empower you with information, tools and products for you and your lovely V (that would be vagina) to live your best life.  All hail to the God Damn V - Queen.


We all know that Vagisil has been around for many, many years.  But it's not just your grandmother's company anymore.  From new products to new packaging, you can tell they are changing things up a bit.  
When I had the opportunity to talk with Keech, I had to ask her what was happening at Vagisil headquarters and what were they trying to achieve.  
Here's a brief overview of what I uncovered in this 8-minute conversation with Ms. Keech Combe Shetty.


Within the first minute of my causal interview with Keech she drops the V word - you know, the vagina word.  
And hence my girl crush continues.  
But I came here for some answers so onward we go.  I wanted to know about their latest product line - Scentsitive Scents.  
  1. What is Scentsitive Scents? 
  2. Who would use them? 
  3. And quite frankly why should we give a shit? 
These look cute, right?!  On the left are the Scentsitive Scents Daily Intimate Washes and on the right are Scentsitive Scents Bath Bombs.  Side note, we left the conference with samples of these bath bombs and lets just say they were argued over at home, as to who was going to use a bath bomb first!




Scentsitive Scents is formulated to have that fresh, lovely after shower smell yet be delicate enough for your most intimate parts.

With scents such as White Jasmine, Peach Blossom and Spring Lilac, there is bound to be a scent for you.

Other important items to note about Scentsitive Scents:

  • No dyes, parabens or MIT preservatives
  • Hypoallergenic and pH balanced
  • Dermatologist and gynecologist tested
  • Plus Vitamin E


The Scensitive Scents do tend to appeal to a bit of a younger more millennial demographic.  But in reality, fragrance and the experience appeals to most females - who doesn't enjoy a bathbomb or a bubble bath, right? But most products on the market today you can't use because they may irritate you.  That's why Vagisil's Scentsitive line is made with hypoallergenic, V-friendly, pH-balanced ingredients.   




Keeche's immediate response, "Anyone that owns a vagina." 

That's when I realize we females are in this thing together.

She went on to share that age doesn't really define symptoms we have in our life or what is going on with our lady parts.   Dropping common sense bombs right there!



Well I really didn't ask this question. But in my head I did. I wanted to keep it real as to why should we as females care about a company like Vagisil that's been around for so many years talking about a subject that just doesn't seem very sexy (even though in completely different conversations it is....)
This is what I uncovered.  That the content that Vagisil is pushing out for us, the female consumer, is extremely helpful and down right refreshing.  For example, Vagisil has these great Mythbuster videos.  You can check them out here.  
Take for example video number #1 titled, "Nice girls don't talk vaginal health." Trust me, they're good.  Again, check them on their site.  
Secondly, Keech announced at the conference that she is launching a 2019 Vaginal and Sexual Health Education Council -- called the vSHEC council.  Where they are going to continue the conversation online and keep mythbusting facts. On this council they have a Sex Therapy expert,  Pharmacist and the Two OBGYNS.  You can read more about this council and what they are going to talk about all year long.
Where can you follow that conversation?  Vagisil will be pushing it out to the media and follow their social media accounts; their Instagram account is my fav.  


All in all, it is clear to me that Vagisil cares way more than I actually might about my V health. 
Plus they specialize in difficult conversations because they believe that's where change happens.  
And so Vagisil you are my sweet Valentine this year.  I'm all yours.  Thanks for always thinking of our needs and putting them first.  
If you're not convinced yet that Vagisil is a product you want in your drawer, may I suggest you first go grab this travel pack.  They're clutch in any bag at any needed moment. 
And if you don't have a cute pouch to store them in, grab that too.  
Want to know my favorites?!  Okay, glad you asked :)
I LOVE Tartan + Twine pouches. They are just so fly.
And shhhh ... don't tell, but sometimes they are cheaper elsewhere (hint, think Ulta). 
Okay, now go draw that bath and enjoy yourself --
unsplash-logoMagdalena Smolnicka
Happy V Day :)
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